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Integrated 75kw 3.0Mpa Rubber Steam Tire Vulcanizing Tank

Integrated 75kw 3.0Mpa Rubber Steam Tire Vulcanizing Tank

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    Steam Tire Vulcanizing Tank


    Rubber Vulcanizing Autoclave


    Rubber Tire vulcanizing tank

  • Voltage
  • Condition
  • Weight
    200kg To 7000kg
  • Warranty
    1 Year
  • Dimension(l*w*h)
  • Power(w)
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    ISO CE
  • Model Number
    10 Tire
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 SET
  • Price
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    By FCL
  • Delivery Time
  • Payment Terms
    T/T, L/C
  • Supply Ability
    20 sets/month

Integrated 75kw 3.0Mpa Rubber Steam Tire Vulcanizing Tank

Steam Tire Manufacturing Vulcanizer Vulcanizing Tank


Rubber Vulcanizing Autoclave
1: Our company's products have a high degree of automation, temperature, pressure and time are automatically controlled, the performance is stable and reliable, and the use is convenient and fast.
2: The design pressure is 0.6-3.0Mpa, the design temperature is 150-220 ° C, the diameter is 600-5000mm, and the length is between 1000-60000mm. It is designed and customized for customers according to the product technical requirements .
3: After setting the work program, the control system automatically performs heating, heat preservation, vulcanization and other work. After the vulcanization is completed, an audible and visual alarm sounds and the work stops automatically.
The features
Rubber hose vulcanizing tank is a pressure vessel with speed open door, the autoclave openings sealed with inflatable silicone ring or internal pressure self-tight rubber pad. Mechanical or manual gearing is used to lock and open the lid, reasonable structure, convenient operation, good sealing performance, the temperature in the tank is uniform,furthermore, complete safety accessories (equipped with safety interlock device).


Accessory equipment
1: Activity integration
After the lid of the horizontal vulcanization tank is opened, a segment of movable rails is needed to connect the ground rail to the inner rail, so as to realize the mechanization of the vulcanization trolley for loading and unloading the products into and out of the vulcanization tank. There are two main types: one is to have a tank lid pull a section of track mounted on a moving trolley through a connecting rod to make it reach the track. The other is a hinged joint.
2: Towing trolley
The traction trolley is a dedicated rail trolley for vulcanizing tanks. It is used to push the vulcanizing trolley loaded with semi-finished products into the vulcanizing tank. After vulcanization is completed, the vulcanizing trolley is pulled out of the vulcanizing tank. Traction trolleys are used more in rubber shoes and hose factories.





Technical parameters:


Item 800 1200 1500
Inner diameter(mm) 800 1200 1500
Canister length(mm) 2200 3000 3000
Number of lid sawtooth 12 12 14
thickness of lid (mm) 10 10 10
Thickness of the tank body(mm) 10 10 10
Working pressure(MPa) 0.8 0.8 0.8
Dimensions(mm) 2766*1445 4010*1575 3960*2150
(length*width*height) *1170 *1670 *2050
Weight(Kg) 1580 2017 2950


1. Mainly used for rubber products, hoses, rubber roller and other vulcanization
2. Rubber vulcanizing autoclave is widely cured with rubber products for mechanical properties such as: new tire curing, tire refurbishment, hose, roller, cable, pipe vulcanization
3. Capsules, rubber sheet, rubber gloves, rubber shoes, tape, lined rubber, rubber cloth, rubber and other products vulcanization.
4. Rubber vulcanizing autoclave is also widely used for wood degreasing, hydrolysis, wood dipping, wood shaping,
oxidizing,autoclaving, wood cooking, wood impregnation and wood drying, etc.


Integrated 75kw 3.0Mpa Rubber Steam Tire Vulcanizing Tank 0